Manchester Route

Manchester Commuter Bus at the Green Mountain Shopping Plaza


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Rutland To Manchester



Marble Valley Regional Transit Center 6:30AM 8:30AM   3:00PM* 5:15PM
Green Mountain Plaza 6:40AM 8:40AM 3:13PM 5:25PM
Rutland Airport Industrial Park 6:48AM 8:48 AM 3:25PM 5:33PM
                                                                 Wallingford/ Danby
Cumberland Farms Store, Wallingford 6:53AM 8:53AM 3:32PM 5:38PM
Roaring Brook Furniture 6:55AM 8:55 AM 3:34PM 5:40PM
White Rocks Inn 6:58AM 8:58 AM 3:38PM 5:43PM
Mt Tabor Country Store 7:05AM 9:05AM 3:47PM 5:50PM
East Dorset Store 7:15AM 9:15 AM 4:00PM 6:00PM
Manchester Town Hall 7:20AM 9:20AM 4:05PM 6:05PM
Chittenden Bank    ------ 9:23AM    -----   -----
Manchester Village Post Office     ----- 9:28AM   -----    -----

Manchester To Rutland


Manchester Village Post Office   ----- 9:30AM -----     ----
Orvis Sporting Gifts    ----- 9:32AM ------     ----
Shaws Supermarket   ----- 9:33AM ------    ----
Merchants Bank   ----- 9:35AM ----   -----
Manchester Town Hall 7:20AM 9:39AM 4:05PM 6:05 PM
East Dorset Country Store 7:28AM 9:44AM 4:10PM 6:26PM
Brooklyn Road 7:40AM 9:56AM 4:22PM 6:36PM
Hartsboro Road 7:46AM 10:03AM 4:29PM 6:39PM
Wallingford House 7:48AM 10:07AM 4:33PM 6:43PM
Across from Cumberland Farms 7:52AM 10:09PM 4:35PM 6:45PM
Rutland Airport   Industrial Park 7:55AM 10:15AM 4:41PM 6:51PM
Marble Valley Regional  Transit Center 8:16AM 10:30AM 5:00PM 7:06PM

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Manchester Connection Fares:
Adults: $2.00        Senior /Disabled $1.00
Children Under 6: Free (Must be accompanied by an adult)
Deviations within 1/4 miles

Exact fare is required. Bus drivers are not able to make change

Operates six days a week between Rutland & Manchester.
       We will gladly make additional stops as requested, where feasible.

All  our Buses are handicap accessible.
802-773-3244 Ext 117

Deviations from this route are available up to 1/4 mile upon request. To request a deviation, call a day in advance to MVRTD at 773-3244 ext 117 or ask the bus driver to assist you. The actual time at each stop may vary depending upon deviation requests along the route.

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updated 01/10/2014